If you have ever wondered how exactly your psychotherapy will go, how the therapist and I will sit opposite each other and be strictly silent, increasing the awkwardness of the situation; if these thoughts constantly lead you away from psychotherapy, I can assure you - it is not fatal.

In psychotherapy, there is another format - group. It is just as common as individual work, just as effective, sometimes much more interesting and definitely more like everyday life.

The first groups of psychotherapy appeared almost century ago. Therapists worked with patients of ordinary hospitals who had serious chronic diseases. It was withoutit has been proved beyond doubt that the physical condition of patients, the pace and peculiarities of the recovery process, even the intensity of medical intervention depends on the emotional state of patients, which, in turn, is affected by psychotherapy.

The list of questions gradually increased. It turned out that psychotherapy can help not only patients with somatic problems. Group therapy helps to endure and correctly distribute the load, cope with the consequencesumpsychotraumayuch situations, establish and maintain harmonious relationships, treat oneself adequately.

That is, to be honest, group work is good for all of us, if only from time to time, because we all have a desire to improve our relationships with others or with ourselves.

Group psychotherapy is a perfectly structured method of work, with its own rules and levers of influence. What exactly works? I will tell

First, to everyone in the group manages to understand that he is not alone, that he is not the only one with such problems. And this is the case when it's even nice to lose a little bit of your imaginary uniqueness - if I'm not the only one in the world, I definitely have hope for a solution to my question.

The second is the emergence of a sense of one's significance, one's ability to provide help, some benefit to another. In the group, one way or another, there is always an exchange of information on a wide variety of topics - from household items to worldview. We see specific people, hear them, and gradually become convinced that we still have something important (experience, knowledge, skills) that I, and even those around me, can count on. I feel like the real life examples are really real and I can probably do it and achieve it too.

The third is that wonderful, magical influence which we are inwe feel in the process of communicating with a group of like-minded people or just pleasant kindnessis people I know We experience the state of belonging to this group, to something big and strong, capable and weighty. And a little (or a lot) we take on these features, which in our view are inherent in the whole group, and become strong, calm, confident, including due to the understanding that the whole group is behind me, on my side.

And there is a fourth - we are safe, we are accepted. And this, in turn, means that you can take a risk and open up, share, even if it is not secret, but hidden from outsiders, what worries or scares you. And suddenly the unexpected happens - no one turns away, no one demands to become different. Somehow it happened that I don't feel fear and anxiety when I'm around people.

In addition, you can allow yourself to be yourself. Do not try to satisfy someone's wishes or expectations, do not conform to someone's tastes and preferences. Moreover, I I can boldly experiment, model new behavior in relationships, etcthat's it right nowaverage at the meeting, noishaving a good time, because every moment is good enough for that, to truly live.

There is something not very pleasant about being part of a group. Not always mine insights, conscious views will be completely agreeable to me. But I will receive confirmation that I can withstand remarks, someone's dissatisfaction, criticism. To endure and use it to your advantage is to become different. Gradually, the main thing is returning to me - awareness of who I really am and responsibility for my personal life.

And the last. Group work is suitable for almost everyone, especially those who do not feel very comfortable in a group with people they do not know. Like is treated likem - believed Hippokrat. Moreover, as they say, it is easier to beat the father in a group. Group work is also possible offline, and online. Therefore, choose, join, do not delay!