Who is a gynecologist and what diseases does he treat?
The doctor specializes in the treatment of exclusively female ailments and their prevention.
A routine examination by a gynecologist includes the study of the female reproductive system, as well as the mammary glands. Based on the physical examination, the doctor can conclude that the patient has certain diseases.

Diseases of the gynecological profile include:
✅ vaginosis;
✅ endometriosis;
✅ ectopic pregnancy;
✅ female infertility;
✅ erosion;
✅ polyposis;
✅ candidiasis;
✅ fibromyoma;
✅ various inflammatory processes;
✅ vulvitis;
✅irregularity of menstruation;
✅ sarcoma;
✅ malignant and benign tumors;

It is the gynecologist who will make the correct diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment, self-medication leads to complications and the development of inflammatory processes in adjacent organs