Plusmed Medical Center

"Plyusmed" Medical Center offers qualified consultation and treatment assistance from our specialists, namely: Reproducologist, Allergist-immunologist, Gynecologist, Ultrasound doctor, Urologist-andrologist, Embryologist, Family doctor, Pediatrician, Dermatovenereologist, Endocrinologist.

Great attention is paid to pregnant women, who have the opportunity to immediately pass tests, undergo an expert ultrasound examination (ultrasound), cardiotocography (CTG) and be registered as pregnant women. Throughout the pregnancy, our patients receive free 24/7 support from a pregnancy coordinator.

In our Medical Center, it is extremely convenient for women to undergo an ultrasound examination and colposcopy during a gynecological examination right in the gynecological office.

Also "Plyusmed" has a completely closed cycle for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases using the Salt Room and scarification samples.

Medical center "Plyusmed" - we are trusted the most!