Proposal for cooperation of "Doctors Online" LLC

What you will get if you are placed on our site:

  1. Own and unique separate landing page for your campaign (your colors, logo, information about you). This will allow you to increase visibility and find more new customers.
  2. Search engine optimization of your campaign landing page. This will allow you to get the right choice of target keywords, optimize the content, fill in the alt and title attributes of the images, etc., which will increase the visibility of your campaign page for future customers.
  3. Backlinks. This will enable you to get referral traffic from us to your site.
  4. Contextual advertising of your landing page. This will enable you to attract more new customers and increase traffic to your site.


  1. Search and registration of new patients to clinic doctors.
  2. Setting up online counseling for existing clinic patients.
  3. Creating a landing page.
  4. Mutual advertising on websites and co-authorship of articles in social networks.
  5. Placement of logos with a transition to the partner's site (mutual placement)
  6. Attracting doctors to the main page.
  7. Services of the "Doctors Online" call center for accompanying patients - from making a call - to paying for the consultation, and monitoring the consultation.

What the partner will receive:

  1. Organic advertising in Google (keywords, blogs)
  2. Advertising in all social networks according to the approved marketing plan - increase of subscribers, additional PR.
  3. Referral and / or registration of patients through the marketplace for "live" consultations directly at your clinic.
  4. Referral of patients after online consultations for examination to the clinic.

What the doctor will get:

  1. Additional income from online consultation of your patients and from the "Doctors Online" marketplace.
  2. Advertising in Google, social networks.
  3. The possibility of developing the doctor's own page in social networks (separate individual offer).

Cooperation algorithm:

Registration of patients for online consultations with doctors takes place through the call center of the "Doctors Online" marketplace:

a) self-registration of the patient on the website, via social networks (booking button), or the patient's call to the call center followed by an appointment with the clinic's doctor;

b) providing the patient with the details of your clinic to pay for an online consultation, checking the receipt of funds, helping to connect the patient and the doctor in a video conference.

c) recording of paid and conducted consultations in CRM, consolidation of leads, name report at the beginning of each month by clinic doctors and providing such a report to the management.


  1. The cost of an online consultation for each specialist is discussed with the management, agreed upon and drawn up in a price for each doctor personally.
  2. The clinic pays a monthly subscription fee for the landing page on the "Doctors Online" marketplace in the amount of UAH 450.
  3. From each conducted online consultation LLC "Doctors Online" calculates 10% from each consultation. Deductions are made by the 10th of each following month according to the issued invoice.
  1. A monthly comparison of online consultations is conducted.