How long does the appointment last?

The average appointment time is 20 minutes, with a psychologist 40-50 minutes. Each patient's consultation time is individual, the situation when the doctor ends the conversation with you without answering your questions is excluded.

Why can you be sure of the qualifications of specialists?

All online specialists are experienced, qualified and real practicing doctors. Often, doctors begin to engage in online consultations only after extensive experience in personal appointments, when they are confident in the possibility of remote assistance to patients.

What services are provided by online treatment?

Online treatment has a large list of services. Doctors of various specialties, including narrow ones, provide online help to their patients. Our specialists will help you deal with incomprehensible symptoms, advise you on the received prescription for drugs and help you choose tactics in the prevention of diseases. An online doctor can provide help when you are unable to get it from your doctor or you are on vacation, traveling, or working. Such assistance will be appropriate in a life-threatening emergency.

Is it possible to register a child for a consultation?

Pediatricians conduct online consultations even with the smallest children. The doctor will help by prescribing the necessary examination for the child and conducting a consultation with an online examination.

How will the consultation take place?

At the appointment, the doctor will find out what is bothering the patient and will answer all questions. An online consultation is the same as a regular doctor's appointment. If necessary, the patient receives an appointment for tests and examination.

What can a doctor of narrow specialization understand about online consultations?

A doctor with a narrow specialization will listen to complaints, look at ultrasound, smears, ECG and other results of medical examinations. The specialist will ask clarifying questions and answer yours, after which he will give recommendations based on the information received.

Advising not professionals?

According to the law of Ukraine, only a qualified doctor can conduct a consultation. We check and constantly update the documents confirming the qualifications of our doctors in accordance with current legislation. A quality specialist has many reviews and recommendations. Online consultation, as a rule, is not the only work of a doctor. Doctors "behind the screen" also conduct face-to-face consultations in modern clinics.

When does consulting an online doctor make sense?

Online medicine consultations are presented only in those directions in which the provision of remote assistance is possible, and which are provided by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. More than 80% of all consultations with specialists end with a correct diagnosis. Online consultation takes place in those cases when you cannot immediately make an appointment with your doctor, or the doctor is not within reach; also when you need another specialist's opinion regarding appointments, a diagnosis, or you are looking for a doctor for further treatment. Most often, a preliminary diagnosis is made, possible help is provided and a referral for the necessary examinations is issued. Also, the possibility of online consultation helps in case of emergency health-related issues.

Is the consultation possible without access to the Internet?

If there is no Internet, you will still receive an online consultation with the doctor of your choice, if you were pre-registered and at that time you have no Internet, call our administrator and we will provide you with a telephone consultation.

Is online treatment expensive?

Most online medical consultations are paid. An online appointment often costs less than an in-person consultation with the same doctor. This is the advantage of online counseling. In addition, free consultations of an oncologist, mammologist, psychologist and other doctors will be available for clients of our online clinic in accordance with the schedule of promotions. So follow our publications on the website and in social networks.